Showroom Display: Keep Creativity In Mind and Keep Your Cases Running

refrigerated display case

Designing a showroom for your products can be challenging. That challenge only increases when products are both refrigerated and non-refrigerated. The design must incorporate both displays in a visually attractive manner while making sure the flow of the showroom makes sense.

Putting popular items in the back of the store where there aren’t other draws, like the cash register, is a good way to lose sales. Instead, make sure to keep those areas for items that are necessary and more likely to cause customers to ask for assistance.

Understand the Draw of the Refrigerated Case

A refrigerated display case can really be a great focal point for displays in the showroom. If you happen to have a variety of products make sure to use the ones that have the best visual impact in a centrally-located case. This can draw in your customers and give them the inspiration to buy products from that case and from any displays surrounding that area.

It is a great tactic to put the most popular products in a centrally located case as well. This makes the path the customer takes more predictable, and you can display products that relate to the popular one along their expected travel route. This can increase the sale and improve your appeal to the customer.

Provide an Engaging Layout that Lasts

It is a good idea to plan your layout that will be easy to adjust for different seasons and times of the year. Moving refrigerated cases is not logical or business-friendly. That is why it helps to design the showroom to be engaging and have areas that can be easily re-organized for different themes and seasonal sales.

Make sure to have a reliable professional repair man you know for those days when inevitably you see problems arise with your prize cases. A great professional can make a difference in whether you lose product or can continue on with the sales day quickly.